Ray Shero: The Next Washington Capitals GM?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In case you haven’t heard yet, the Pittsburgh Penguins have decided to fire general manager Ray Shero. The Washington Capitals have a vacancy at general manager right now, and there is quite a bit of speculation that suggests that Shero could fill that vacancy.

I don’t think that Ray Shero would be a good fit for the Washington Capitals for several reasons. First of all, he has been an awful drafter. Shero hasn’t gotten much out of his draft picks post-2007. Since then, seven of his draft picks have played a combined 240 games in the NHL. In comparison, former Washington Capitals general manager George McPhee has had 12 draft picks play a combined 1148 games. When you give out huge deals to Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, you better be a good drafter. Shero has not been a good drafter, and it has hurt the Penguins.

Secondly, Ray Shero has made some questionable deals as of late. His trade for James Neal was brilliant, but signing him to a contract with an AAV of $5,000,000? Not so much. That’s an overpay, and with all due respect to Neal, he’s not a guy you overpay for. You can point at the waiver claim of Jussi Jokinen (which was another brilliant move), but that doesn’t make up for signing Kris Letang, Paul Martinand Marc Andre-Fleury.

Thirdly, Ray Shero has consistently neglected his bottom six forwards. That’s inexcusable. Not only has he done that, but Ray Shero has also made numerous ill-advised trades to try to shore up the bottom six forwards with players who aren’t suited for such a role. Jarome Iginla comes to mind.

Considering how the Capitals, like the Penguins, are built heavily around several star players with big contracts, the Capitals’ next general manger must be a good drafter. That’s not Ray Shero. Either Shero was a horrible drafter or he didn’t have good enough scouts. Shero is at fault for poor drafting regardless.

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