Washington Capitals: Most Beloved Former Caps

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Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Capitals fans are very passionate about their players. This occurs even after a player is traded or signs somewhere else. Whenever a former Washington Capitals player returns to the Verizon Center, they usually get one of two reactions.

Some players get booed and heckled. Such players include Alexander SeminJaromir Jagr, and Matt Cooke (though he got booed for being a goon).

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However, some players still get cheers. Even when certain players leave, Washington Capitals fans are more than happy to wear their jersey. Caps fans still root for these players even after they leave the team.

Why is that so? Maybe it’s because Capitals players are noted for being close to their community. Maybe it’s because they were great players. Maybe it’s just because they were extremely fun to root for and were likable.

For whatever reason, Caps fans still love these former Washington Capitals players. Let’s take a look at the departed who Caps fans still love to root for as long as they aren’t playing the Caps.

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