Washington Capitals: Top 3 expansion draft candidates

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Who will the Washington Capitals lose to the Vegas Golden Knights in the expansion draft? Here’s a look at the top three candidates. 

The Vegas Golden Knights will be joining the NHL to start the 2017-18 season. To help them have a fighting chance, the league is granting them an expansion draft to help them form a team. In previous versions, expansion teams weren’t given the opportunity to select good players because the protection rules were ridiculous. However, the Golden Knights will get a chance to get some good players. They will most likely get one from the Washington Capitals.

George McPhee gets the rare chance to live a general manager’s dream – building a team from the ground up. Rarely does a GM get to start with the cleanest of slates, but the former Caps front office man will get one. Who will he take from his former team?

Most likely, the Caps will lose a good player. This is the curse of being good. While stars like Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, Matt Niskanen, Braden Holtby and John Carlson are probably safe, Washington will still probably lose someone of consequence.

Depending on the direction they go in, Vegas could go with any one of three realistic options. Lars Eller is a fourth option, but he’s very unlikely because he only has a contract through next season. A fifth option involves the Golden Knights signing one of the Capitals’ free agents before the expansion draft. Considering Vegas needs stars in a brand spanking new hockey market, McPhee will likely make a run at T.J. Oshie. Name recognition and marketability matter and the shootout hero from the Sochi Olympics has both on his side.

Here’s a look at three players the Vegas Golden Knights could select from the Washington Capitals in the expansion draft.

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