Washington Capitals 2014 Draft Pick Grades

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 Washington Capitals Second Round Pick: Vitek Vanecek

I’ll be frank: I really don’t understand why the Washington Capitals drafted Vitek Vanecek. Granted, I can see why they drafted a goalie. After Philip Grubauer, there is literally no other decent goalie prospects in the Washington Capitals system. However, I don’t understand trading up for one, especially when they are ranked seventh by the ISS. Here’s the ISS scouting report on Vanecek:

"Vanecek was arguably the MVP for the Silver Medalist Czech Republic throughout the U18 World Championships as he elevated his game and was put in the position to steal games when needed. Good size in net and shows great net coverage as he challenges well making himself look big. Great lateral extension couldn’t keep track of the amount of lateral desperation saves he had to makes on the opposition rush. Never gives up on the play, excellent to see him battle against the elite opposition forwards. Great post work and covering short side. Air-of-confidence between the pipes, always focused and ready to go to work. Has shown tremendous promise at the U18s and with Liberec Jr."

I’m a fan of Vanecek, but I just can’t see why the Washington Capitals would waste their third round pick to trade up four spots for him. Were they that concerned that he’d be gone? I don’t think they should have been. The fact that they traded for a goalie later on in the draft makes this pick ultra confusing.

Grade: D+