Washington Capitals 2014 Draft Pick Grades

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Washington Capitals Sixth Round Pick: Steven Spinner

In a move that didn’t make much sense, the Washington Capitals traded their 164th and 192nd pick in the draft, as well as a 2015 seventh round pick, to the Winnipeg Jets in exchange for their 159th pick and the rights to restricted free agent Eddie Pasquale. With the 159th pick that the Washington Capitals received, they drafted American forward Steven Spinner

Spinner is an extremely fast and quick skater who is still a bit raw. He was ranked 147th by the ISS. Here’s what the ISS had to say about him:

"Spinner has grown into a multi dimensional player who can deliver a big hit and out race and out hustle his competitors to the puck. He was effective when he had open space and could use his speed to work his way down the ice with the puck. He displayed impressive vision and awareness for his teammates, making quick, crisp feeds off the rush, and he also has a quick shot. He should try to do a little less with the puck at times, though as he often take himself out of the play with a bad extra move. He lacked consistency in his effort shift-to-shift and he wasn’t the greatest defensive player. Poor positioning and at times a weak effort away from the puck."

Spinner fits the mold of forwards who the Washington Capitals like to take chances on in late rounds. The Washington Capitals like to draft excellent skaters who are raw and have a ton of upside. Spinner fits that bill. Spinner reminds me a lot of Caleb Hebert

Grade: B+. Spinner’s a steal in the sixth round.
Trade grade: C-. Doesn’t make much sense to basically trade two seventh round picks for an AHL backup goalie.