Washington Capitals: Top 10 Goaltenders In Team History

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Washington Capitals Top Ten Goaltenders: #10

Capitals. Bernie Wolfe. 10. player. 19. Three seasons (1974-1977). Goaltender

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Number ten on our list of top ten goaltenders in Washington Capitals history is Bernie Wolfe

"Bernie Wolfe was a goaltender for the Washington Capitals from 1975-1979. Those Caps were perhaps the worst team of all time. The 1974-75 Caps went 8-67-5 while giving up a record 446 goals against in the process. The 1975-76 Caps didn’t do a whole lot better going 11-59-10. After being subjected to such mediocrity, it should come as no surprise that Wolfe doesn’t miss playing anymore. “I think I’m one of the few to say that I’ve never missed hockey for as much as a day since I retired.” said Wolfe in all seriousness. Playing goal on such a bad team caused Wolfe to feel insecure about his future as a hockey player. He was smart enough to continue his education in the off season as well as getting his feet into the financial consulting business which he began to take a liking too. Finally, on the first day of training camp for the 1979-80 season Wolfe announced his retirement so that he could get on with his life and worry about his future. – Goaltending Legends"

Wolfe played in 120 games for the Washington Capitals. Here’s how he compares to the other goaltenders who qualified.

  • 120 games (10th out of 11)
  • Unknown save percentage, but we’ll just say he was last
  • 4.17 GAA (11th out of 11)
  • One shutout (tied for last)

Wolfe was a mediocre goalie on some mediocre teams. The result? Extreme mediocrity. However, he does deserve some credit for being a goalie for a really bad team. If you’re a goalie who has ever played beer league hockey, there’s a good chance you’ve been in the same boat as Wolfe.

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