Washington Capitals History: Top 5 Captains Of All Time

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The Washington Capitals have only been around for 40 seasons. Despite that, the Caps have been blessed with some great captains. The Washington Capitals have had a variety of captains during their history.

They’ve had superstars who led by example and elevated the play of those who they played with. They’ve had grizzled veterans who helped mentor younger teams and set the tone for the Capitals. They’ve even had guys who were almost forced into the role but had success despite that.

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The Washington Capitals have had a total of 14 different players who have served as their captain. Being a captain is a huge responsibility. When you are a captain, you are responsible for leading your team.

When your team wins, it’s your job to compliment everyone except for yourself. When your team loses, even if you had a hat trick in a 4-3 loss, guess whose job it is to accept blame for the loss?

Yours. Guess who gets blamed anytime something doesn’t go right? You. Being a captain can be extremely stressful on players. Some of the best players ever weren’t captains. It’s a brutal job that not everyone can handle.

As a captain, it’s their job to set the example for the rest of your team. They’re expected to be one of the first on the ice for practice and one of the last off it.

When their team is struggling, it’s their job to help the team push through. If you’re the captain of a great team, you’ll be celebrated. If you’re the captain of a bad team, you’ll be criticized.

The Washington Capitals have had some excellent captains over the years. This ranking will be based on not just stats, but how important they are or were to their team. Some of the best captains weren’t point producers, and this list reflects that.

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