Washington Capitals: Fan Guide to 2015-2016 (Part 2)

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Beagle – #83

Position: Center

Speaking of players who have recently re-signed with the Washington Capitals and are big time contributors to the team, center Jay Beagle is part of the glue that holds the Washington Capitals together for the next three years. Repeatedly misplaced within the team’s roster, Beagle drew Caps’ fans ire to a degree when coaches simply couldn’t figure out where best to place him. One look at Beagle’s game will explain the fortunate problem.

Jay Beagle has always been a “nuts and bolts” guy. He’s not overly flashy (although he has his moments) and he’s not ever going to put up 40+ goals. However, to overlook his value to the team just because of that would be missing the forest for the trees. Jay Beagle has impressed three Washington Capitals coaches in recent memory enough to put him with the best players in the league. There’s no way that’s a mistake.

Constantly chasing after loose pucks, going into high traffic areas, and winning face-offs in clutch moments does not go unnoticed by head coaches in hockey. That’s great because Jay does all of those things on top of contributing to special teams and still managed to put up career best stat lines last season (10G, 10A, 62GP). Coaches love Jay Beagle, which is why we all should.

Monumental Network’s Caps Red Line just spent a day with Jay and got to follow him around so fans could see what makes him tick. Driving an old pickup truck to the rink and living a more modest life-style for a pro athlete, it sure is hard to dislike Jay Beagle.

What I’ve noticed about Beagle, especially during last season’s playoff run, was his value as “the guy” to put on the dot for faceoffs late in games. That’s a humongous vote of confidence in a player with so much at stake. Jay’s ability to win faceoffs and never take a shift off has the Capitals’ coaching staff in love with him. And deservedly so. I look forward to Jay achieve his dream of becoming a fixture for the Washington Capitals as the third line this season.

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