Washington Capitals: Top 30 Players In Franchise History

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Mandatory Photo Credit: David Stevenson

Rod Langway

Coming in at number four on our list of the greatest Washington Capitals players in franchise history is Hall of Fame defenseman Rod Langway. Langway was traded to the Capitals before the 1982-1983 season. Before Langway joined the Capitals, the Caps had never made the playoffs. The Caps made the playoffs for the first time ever the first season that Langway was with the team. Langway played with the Caps for eleven seasons.

Langway is one of the greatest defensemen to ever play in the NHL. He was a Norris Trophy finalist seven times (five times with the Caps). He won the Norris Trophy his first two seasons with the Capitals. He remains the only Caps defenseman to win the Norris Trophy.

Langway had 202 points in his 11 seasons with the Caps. He scored 25 goals and had 177 assists. He was a stay-at-home defenseman who was one of the best ever at what he did.

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