Washington Capitals: Eleven Reasons To Be Thankful

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The Captain

Watching Alex Ovechkin carry the puck into the offensive zone still makes me hold my breath after nearly 800 games. Between his distinctive skating gait barreling in on defenders, to his super-human strength and ability to shoot the puck harder than anyone of the NHL – he’s truly unlike any player in the world. A charging bull wearing ballerina slippers. And he plays three or four times a week for our Washington Capitals! The fortune of that is kind of unbelievable.

Really considering Ovechkin’s play, the closest player I can approach to compare him to (in my lifetime) is probably Michael Jordan. A living legend. I remember watching the NBA when I was a kid because of Jordan’s play. The feeling around watching him was that you didn’t want to miss the next spectacular thing he did in a game. Jordan transformed the sport around him with his greatness and I was drawn in as a fan like a moth to light.

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How great it is to feel that feeling of pure awe again in my lifetime while watching the Great 8 do his thing.

We get to witness the record books be rewritten, season after season, and it’s happening right now with our favorite team – in real time! If you don’t stop to appreciate that every once in a while, then you’d be tempted to forget how incredible it actually is. Alex Ovechkin is unbelievably awesome at hockey. He gives it every ounce of fight and skill in him when he plays. We’ve noticed. A sincere ‘Thank you’ to our team captain from everyone at Stars and Sticks.

He’s such a raw, electric talent – there’s no telling when he’ll pull off the unbelievable – and he’s been doing that for 10 seasons now! Can you believe his legacy is already 10 seasons old and he’s only 30-years old? I can’t wait to see him finally seal his greatness with bringing a Stanley Cup home to fans in Washington, D.C. and the world over. Fingers crossed that we get to watch the first time happen this season!

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