Washington Capitals as Star Wars characters

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Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Capitals have players who have some striking and hilarious similarities to Star Wars characters. 

The Washington Capitals are the best show on ice right now. They currently lead the Eastern Conference and the Metropolitan Division as they try to defeat every enemy standing in their way of the franchise’s first Stanley Cup. The only thing more popular than the Washington Capitals around these parts is Star Wars.

The Capitals have some players who could be cast as Star Wars characters. Whether it’s their on-ice production, their personalities, or something else entirely, these comparisons will make it impossible to watch Star Wars without thinking about the Caps.

Before we begin, we’ll start with an honorable mention. He’s not on the Caps, but we’re firing shots at him anyway. Pierre McGuire and Jar-Jar Binks are quite similar when you think about it. They both have annoying voices. Star Wars fans generally can’t stand Jar-Jar just like hockey fans immediately push the mute button the moment that Pierre’s face shows up on their television.

It’s fun to make fun of Pierre just like it’s fun to make fun of Jar-Jar. Both might be annoying, but at least they’re good for comic relief.

Let’s begin!

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