Washington Capitals as Star Wars characters

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Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Beagle: Wedge Antilles

The Washington Capitals third-line center is a bit of an unsung hero. Nobody notices Jay Beagle most of the time. However, he fills his role quietly and that allows him to come through when the Caps need him to. Wedge Antilles was the same way. You might remember him as the guy who destroyed the Death Star and the second Death Star. Was he the best pilot? Nope. But he had a knack for find a way to be at the right place at the right time. Beagle is the same way. The Caps haven’t lost in regulation in the past two seasons when he gets a point.

Beagle does a bunch of the things that don’t get on the scoresheet. He kills penalties like Bobba Fett killed people who had a bounty on them. He wins important faceoffs and is one of the best centers in the NHL at winning faceoffs.

Wedge was probably the kind of guy who the Dark Side was like, “Ha! We don’t have to worry about that guy! As long as we can stop their big guys, we’re good to go!” Beagle is most likely thought of in the same way. Be wary of underestimating either of the two because when you least expect it, they’ll swoop in and take the enemy by surprise!

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