Washington Capitals: Alex Ovechkin Hints Retirement After 2021 Season

Washington Capitals legend Alex Ovechkin has hinted retirement after the 2021 season when his contract is up.

After an interview with TASS, a Russian news network, Washington Capitals left winger Alex Ovechkin hinted he might be hanging up the skates soon.

“I have two more years to play, under my contract,” the 33-year-old Washington Capitals captain told a news conference hosted by TASS on Thursday. “Let us wait and see whether I will continue my career as everything depends on the health.”

Ovechkin might not be done. He has some unfinished business to do to become the NHL’s top goal scorer who has a chance to beat Wayne Gretzky’s record. Ovechkin would have to average 32 goals in the next six years to get the record.

That would mean Ovechkin would have to play until he’s 39-40 years old which isn’t that crazy, but Ovechkin has a very aggressive style of play and is concerned about his health.

Ovechkin has accomplished just about everything he has wanted to accomplish since being drafted. Ovechkin who is currently 33 has already played a lot of pro hockey since he became a pro player at the age of 16 playing in the KHL in Russia.

Ovechkin has a lot of options when 2021 comes he could retire, re-sign with the Capitals, or he may retire and do what Ilya Kovalchuck did a few years ago and go back to Russia to play for Dynamo Moscow in the KHL. It would make sense for him to go back to Russia to play for Dynamo Moscow since he has only played for two pro teams his entire career (Dynamo Moscow, Washington Capitals).

Ovechkin was also rated by Russian Forbes Magazine as Russia’s second popular athlete behind UFC star and current lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, so Ovechkin might choose to end his career in his home country because he’s a pure star in Russia.


Hopefully Ovechkin does the right thing and re-sign in DC when 2021 comes around. He is certainly one of the most popular athletes in the DMV, and Capitals hockey wouldn’t be the same if he leaves, but all good things must come to an end at some point.

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Capitals fans just got to hope he comes back to break Gretzky’s record, and bring Lord Stanley back to DC. Whatever happens Alex has changed hockey in the DMV and when he decides to hang up the skates he deserves a statue outside Capital One Arena.

No matter what he decides to do I’ll respect his decision and thank him for all the memories.