Capitals: Two Weeks and Still No Hockey but There’s the possibility we still have Playoff Hockey

Tis the Season we thought Alexander Ovechkin would tally 50 plus goals for the 9th time in his NHL career

Remember the time Alex Ovechkin reaches 700 career goals against the New Jersey Devils? Well, it feels like an eternity.

We haven’t had any true ice hockey besides the simulation games being played by NBC Sports Washington in an effort to keep fans entertained.

Oh, and you can forget about Ovechkin reaching 50-goals in my opinion.

Team captains, like Ovechkin have discussed the possibility of starting the playoffs if the season was to ever resume.

If that was approved by the NHLPA, the regular season would be over right after the vote concludes and the playoffs would start after a short training camp.

The training camp would be used to ramp up players and allow them to get into shape as if it was the beginning of a new season.

Speaking of a new season, if the playoffs were to be played in August, one would have to think that the 2020-2021 season would have fewer games played and still result in the postseason beginning in the first or the second week of April.

Either way, please bring back Hockey because I’m bored without it and I would like the Capitals to win another Stanley Cup, Gary Bettman.


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