Capitals: Top 3 hockey documentaries to watch as we wait

Still waiting for Washington Capitals games to come back?

Quarantine life can be boring sometimes but thankfully we have plenty of hockey documentaries to get us through the pause. What we included is a popular NHL documentary and two documentaries that Washington Capitals fans would certainly enjoy.

#3 Willie

Willie O’Ree, Washington Capitals (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Willie O’Ree was hockey’s version of Jackie Robinson. He changed the game forever on Jan. 18, 1958 by breaking the color barrier. In the middle of America’s fight to end Jim Crow and begin the civil rights movement, Willie became the first African American player to skate in a National Hockey League game.

What was remarkable about his playing career wasn’t just that fact, it was also that he played his entire career with one eye. He could only see out of one but was blind in the other eye, a secret that only his sister knew.

#2 Icebreaker: Fatima Al Ali

Icebreaker is a rink side look at international hockey player Fatima Al Ali and her journey to Washington D.C. to meet her favorite player Alex Ovechkin. We learn more about her and her love of the game of hockey and how she became an internet sensation leading her into an invite from the Caps to take in a game after she was discovered by Peter Bondra.

Fatima was surprised by Bondra on a Skype call which led to the invite to D.C. While she was there she got to not only take in a game but check out practice as well as tour the locker room where she got a stick from Ovechkin himself.

#1 All Ours: Bring Home the Cup

Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals (Photo by Alex Brandon-Pool/Getty Images)

Looking for a sweet way to relive Washington’s 2018 Stanley Cup run through the perspective of the players themselves? All Ours is the perfect hockey documentary for you!

Not only are you taken behind the scenes of all the playoff games from that run: all the thrills of a first round comeback, a second round defeat of the arch rivals, and uncharted territory, you also get a peek at the player’s humble beginnings as each one gets to spend a day with the Cup throughout the summer.

Believe it or not, the Stanley Cup covered plenty of international ground that summer of 2018.

And those are our top 3 hockey documentaries to watch. What are your top 3?