Washington Capitals: Tom Wilson is their biggest social media butterfly

Tom Wilson, Washington Capitals (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Tom Wilson, Washington Capitals (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

Tom Wilson is more than just a player on the Washington Capitals.

Tom Wilson is known for his hard hits, fighting skills, offensive power and… social media? That’s right Washington Capitals fans. Aside from his talents as a hockey player, Wilson has been consistent on social media showing how much he cares about engaging with the fans and letting them know what he’s been up to.

Recently Wilson and his girlfriend got a new puppy and the other day Wilson shared a picture of their dog Halle who has grown tremendously since she was a cute little puppy.

Wilson has also shared some heartfelt messages to his followers. Back in early April he posted a pic saying “Feels weird to think our last regular season game would have been played last night. With the future uncertain, it is sometimes nice to reflect. It is a privilege to wear this jersey every night we play. I hope everyone is staying safe and thank you to everyone who is working so hard to keep us safe.”

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Sure sounds like someone who cares deeply about his community. A complete opposite of the criticism he gets across the league for his hits which he has since dialed back on. Since the quarantine, Wilson has shared a variety of throwback pictures of him rocking that red Caps jersey as well as a camouflage jersey and hat for a pic for Memorial Day to honor the troops.

There was also a cool throwback of him and his bros with the Stanley Cup back on Wilson’s day with it in Toronto. Of course we all know about Halle and it’s cool seeing how much she has grown thanks to Wilson sharing with us all that he got a new dog!

Wilson has also been active on Twitter. He brought positivity the other day throwing it back to the day of the parade calling it “one of the best days I have ever been a part of!”

Wilson also has shared updates about his work in the community where recently he donated $18,000 to D.C. Central Kitchen and the Greater Washington Urban League through the “So Kids Can” program.

But the biggest contribution Wilson used his social media platform for was his donation to the Fort Dupont Cannons youth hockey team, the oldest minority hockey program in the country.

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It’s awesome to have a guy like Tom Wilson on our Caps and his contributions to the community as well as using social media for good makes us proud to have him here in D.C.