Washington Capitals: Sergei Ovechkin is already a celebrity

Sergei Ovechkin will someday be a hockey star.

For now, the son of the Washington Capitals great Alex Ovechkin is still a celebrity who is getting more popular as time goes on. Sergei Ovechkin can already backhand shots, can dance, and do more.

Alex Ovechkin had the best year of his life in 2018. He won the Stanley Cup and we all got to be witnesses to the summer of Ovi where he was drunkingly diving into fountains and doing keg stands out of the Cup. 72 days after he wont he Cup, he and his wife gave berth to their son Sergei.

Sergei is named after Alex’s late brother who had an impact on his young life until he was tragically lost. Ovechkin revealed the post on Instagram of his foot to mark the occasion of his son’s birth. We had to wait at least a year to see his face.

One year later on Sergei’s first birthday we got to finally see his adorable face. And it was worth the wait indeed. We then soon got to see him walk, and dance, and his incredible hockey skills.

While Alex was in the bubble, we got to see content from his wife Nastya including a video of her son doing backhanded shots into their net in their driveway. It is evident he can someday make a career out of this and maybe in less than 20 years I’ll be writing about him.

He shows great focus while doing the drill and has liftoff on the backhanded shots. He’s already getting a head start in the 2036 NHL Draft.

Also, it’s a shame that TikTok is now banned because we’ve got to see Sergei make his debut on the app showing off his new dance moves. Earlier this month there was a video of Sergei and Ovi dancing to an electronic remix of 2005 rap song Laffy Taffy by D4L.


Another reason we miss TikTok is we got to see other Capitals players create their own dances with Evgeny Kuznetsov, his daughter Esenia, and Ovi and Ilya Samsonov. We also got to see Brenden Dillon show off his dance moves with his girl before he sadly retired from the app.

Thankfully there’s Instagram where we will see plenty of content of Sergei going forward and perhaps their new son Ilya as well. We can’t wait to see him skate and play ice hockey one day.