Washington Capitals: Another jersey on the way?

There may be another Washington Capitals jersey coming.

We all loved the screaming eagle reverse retro jersey the Washington Capitals unveiled earlier in the week and there’s some good news for jersey lovers. Those might not be the only new ones we’ll see this upcoming season.

Icethetics tweeted that a “new third jersey may be on the way for the Capitals.” In a separate tweet, Icethetics said that “it’s just the only one I know of that’s still on the way.”

Lucas Daitchman of @ldconcepts had a source describe to him what the jersey would look like and he came up with a design. The jersey is navy blue with a W in the middle that represents the Washington monument if you look closely at the center. It also has red stripes and a navy blue outlook.

Russian Machine Never Breaks reported that a source told them in October that there were two new uniforms the team produced. The first one was the reverse retro screaming eagle jersey while the other is a tribute to the 2015 Winter Classic jersey.

The Caps were supposed to wear these in 2020 as a third jersey and the red screaming eagle in January 2021. The screaming eagle was released on Monday and we know it’ll be available to purchase on Dec. 1. What we don’t know is when these other jerseys will be released. Still, it’s possible that it’s coming.

The Caps reverse retro look will have them wearing navy blue pants with stars on them along with red socks with navy blue stripes and red gloves. It’s a fresh look on an updated classic. The players have already been seen wearing the new gear at optional skates at MedStar Capitals Iceplex.

The players also wore new white helmets with three red stars on them. No telling if they’re for the road jerseys or these upcoming third jerseys that have yet to be released. I also know that sports stores are starting to order more Caps jerseys. One place I went to, the owner told me to look out for a navy blue Caps jersey. If they’re saying it, it must be true.

Even if there isn’t a jersey we’re happy with the screaming eagle reverse retro concept and how it all came to fruition. Hopefully, the team will follow through on the third jersey design concept and then we can all add to our jersey collection.