Washington Capitals: Top 10 toughest players of all-time

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Donald Brashear, Washington Capitals (Photo by Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images)

The Washington Capitals have had their share of toughest players that would suit up. These guys were never afraid to fight, play through big hits, make the big hit, or play through pain. These guys are fearless in what they do and we should be grateful they are on our side.

Some of these choices were easy from watching the Caps in my generation. I also looked at physical players that made impacts for the Caps before my time to cater to each and every fan reading this article. Of course as always with top 10 lists, we always miss one or two.

Donald Brashear, Washington Capitals (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

#10 Donald Brashear

The President has secret service protecting him. Yet he’s just the second most important person in Washington besides Alex Ovechkin. Ovechkin has reached the point in his career where he can protect himself but back when he was a young buck, the Caps signed Donald Brashear and gave him the task of protecting their young star. If anyone was to mess with Ovi, they would have to go through the Donald.

Brashear’s first season in Washington was in 2006-07 where he racked up 156 penalty minutes. The next year the penalty minutes dropped to 119 while his final season in Washington they went up to 121.

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