Capitals get it right with Alex Ovechkin Gr802 ceremony

Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /

The Washington Capitals finally celebrated their captain reaching the 802 career goal milestone to pass Gordie Howe for second place all time in NHL goal scoring history. We all know Alex Ovechkin now only has Wayne Gretzky to  chase and each goal gets him closer.

Alex Ovechkin and the Caps were greeted by lucky fans on their way inside the arena to the locker room.

During warmups, each player sported a number eight on their jersey. This is similar to what the Caps did for Nicklas Backstrom two years ago for his 1,000th game.

Then the ceremony got underway and things got real good. Joe Beninati, the Caps play by play broadcaster at NBC Sports Washington, was the master of ceremonies. During the video montage, which is tough to pull off for someone who seems to get milestones each year, the Caps knocked it out of the park with their choice of narrator.

It was none other than Nicklas Backstrom.

The two have been through it all together. Easily the best bromance in the NHL and it all happened naturally as both were first round draft selections. Of course Ovi was the number one pick in 2004. Backstrom was drafted fourth overall in 2006 and Ovechkin himself went to the stage and announced that pick.

Then Ovechkin got spoiled with gifts. Here’s the list: Tiffany crystal from the NHL, an autographed USSR stick from the 1974 series between Canada and the USSR and the puck from Howe’s first goal in that series, a custom neckless from Nicklas Backstrom and T.J. Oshie, a custom 800 trophy made of stainless steel and bronze from the Capitals, a painting of him and Gordie Howe, from Gordie’s son Mark.

Joining Alex on the ice for the ceremony was his mom Tatyana, his wife Nastya, his brother Mikhail, and his two sons Sergei and Ilya. Also on the ice were NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly, Capitals owner and chairman of Monumental Sports and Entertainment, as well as Mark Howe.

Sergei and Ilya even got commemorative bronze sticks in which Joe B warned, “do not play with them”.

What was funny about the video montage is they showed a clip of Ovechkin in an interview early in his career where he was asked if he could catch Gretzky?

“No. Impossible.”

Alex Ovechkin is a great man off the ice. light. Must Read

Well, we’ve been all witnesses. Now it’s time to see the great eight do the impossible.