NHL Power Rankings April 13: There’s a New No. 1 in Town

Washington Capitals Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
Washington Capitals Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /

Welcome to our second and final NHL Power Rankings of the season. Since of course today is the final day of the regular season for most teams including the Washington Capitals.

Anyway here are the final power rankings heading into the Stanley Cup Playoffs:

  1. New Jersey Devils: These guys are my pick to win the Stanley Cup. The Devils are loaded with talent led by Jack Hughes with 43 goals and 54 assists for 97 points. They also got Nico Hischier and Dougie Hamilton. I hope they play the Rangers in the first round as that would be an entertaining series.
  2. Boston Bruins: They set the NHL record for the most wins and points but I fear they might run out of gas in the first round especially against a pesky team like the Islanders or Panthers.
  3. Carolina Hurricanes: You have to beat the best to be the best and after beating the best in 2019 the Hurricanes are looking to have a huge breakout this spring.
  4. Toronto Maple Leafs: They make life as a Caps fan better with their playoff struggles. Good luck to Sammy though.
  5. Vegas Golden Knights: Can Vegas reclaim that status as best of the west?
  6. Edmonton Oilers: Not if Connor McDavid has something to say about it.
  7. New York Rangers: Give credit to them. They were rebuilding just a few short years ago. Now they’re all in.
  8. Colorado Avalanche: Injuries happened to them but that didn’t stop them from trying to defend their title.
  9. Dallas Stars: They were on TNT yesterday and are on ESPN today.
  10. Los Angeles Kings: I really want to see them play the Golden Knights this spring.
  11. Minnesota Wild: Good luck to MoJo. They should be a dark horse.
  12. Seattle Kraken: Let’s see what they can do in the playoffs.
  13. Tampa Bay Lightning: Are the Lightning getting old too?
  14. Winnipeg Jets: A good up and comer.
  15. Florida Panthers: They could knock off the Bruins.
  16. New York Islanders: So could the Islanders. Both teams are pesky enough to do it.
  17. Calgary Flames: Not there yet but still a year away.
  18. Nashville Predators: In Trotz they trust.
  19. Pittsburgh Penguins: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  20. Buffalo Sabres: They are a year away too.
  21.  Ottawa Senators: Young team.
  22. St. Louis Blues: Rebuild over there.
  23. Vancouver Canucks: Shame on them for letting Bruce go.
  24. Detroit Red Wings: Ehhh not there yet.
  25. Washington Capitals: The Caps actually dropped a spot from our previous power rankings. But credit to them for tanking and not making it look obvious by still playing hard.
  26. Philadelphia Flyers: At least they have Torts.
  27. Arizona Coyotes: Need a real arena to be relevant.
  28. Montreal Canadiens: Very well in on the Bedard sweepstakes.
  29. San Jose Sharks: Same with the Sharks.
  30. Chicago Blackhawks: Blackhawks basically sacrificed their spot to spoil the Penguins season and we thank them for that.
  31. Anaheim Ducks: Could the Ducks get Bedard?
  32. Columbus Blue Jackets: Or will the Jackets?

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Those are our final power rankings of the season. Enjoy the final days of the regular season. The playoffs are almost here.