Washington Capitals: Top 25 goals of all-time

Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /
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#22 Alex Ovechkin 800

Nine days before Alex Ovechkin made NHL history he made some other NHL history as well as he not only scored his 800th career goal in Chicago against the Blackhawks but did it in the most Ovi way imaginable: a hat trick.


The Capitals wold go on to win 7-3 and the whole arena including the home crowd was chanting Ovi’s name. With the Caps already up 4-2, Ovechkin’s historic 800th goal came at 6:34 of the third period.

Ovechkin told El Bashir, “As soon as it happen(ed), kind of relief, kind of happiness and enjoying it.”

Ovechkin added:

"“It’s a big number. It’s the best company anyone can imagine since you start playing hockey to be that category — 800. I’m the third person who ever scored that many goals. Without my teammates, without organization, fans, my family, I would never get that number.”"

Being just the third player ever to do something in a sport no matter what it is, is incredible. Ovechkin still has a chance to be the first ever to score the most goals.