When Slapshot stole the Declaration of Independence

Slapshot, Washington Capitals (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Slapshot, Washington Capitals (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /

D.C. is not only home to the Washington Capitals. It is also home to scandals, politics, controversy, and corruption that we will not talk about because we are a hockey blog. But there was one incident at the National Archives that involved our very own mascot Slapshot.

In a scene straight out of the Nicolas Cage movie National Treasure, the Capitals mascot heads to the US National Archives and then disgraced museum staff.

Once he did that he took the Declaration of Independence from the National Archives to Capital One Arena just in time for the puck drop of the Capitals game that night. But he had to jump through hoops (figuratively not literally) to go from the museum to the arena. One security lady nearly caught him until he stopped running to make it obvious.

Slapshot didn’t go to jail for the crime but he did help the Capitals game entertainment staff get an award. They received the Golden Matrix Award (GMA) for the Best Mascot Video at the 41st annual Information Display and Entertainment Association (IDEA) conference in Austin, Texas on July 12.

The idea for the video was developed by Andrew Hill and Alexa Ikeler who work for the Capitals in the game entertainment department. They were there in Austin to accept the award on behalf of the team.

Also involved in the production were Aimee Brillhart as executive producer and Stephanie De Lancy as producer. Tim Libeau was editor while Nial Nelson Hopkins did motion graphics.


This whole thing is brilliant. It kind of reminds me of seeing a football game and the mascot will do something mid field to fire up the crowd. Sherando High School and Florida State would do the sphere at mid field and of course you gotta add a D.C. touch to the whole thing so why not have Slapshot come to center ice to lay the historical document down.

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This was perfect and brilliantly done. I don’t know how often they did this. I go to games all the time and I didn’t see it so either I wasn’t at that particular game where that happened or I didn’t arrive yet.