Slapshot plays football with Major Tuddy

Slapshot, Washington Capitals Mandatory Credit: Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports
Slapshot, Washington Capitals Mandatory Credit: Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports /

When football is about to begin it’s a universal sign that Washington Capitals hockey is right around the corner. Yesterday the Washington Commanders defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in the preseason finale to go 3-0.

The game took place at FedEx Field and our very own Slapshot made an appearance at halftime in the mascots vs. kids football game at halftime. Hosted by the brand new mascot of the Commanders, Major Tuddy, he invited his friends throughout the DMV area.

Among the others included local college mascots, the Washington Nationals racing presidents Abe, Tom, George, and Teddy and even Washington Wizards mascot G Wiz.

Sadly we weren’t there. I didn’t see much of what happened. But I do know that Slapshot at the very least had a touchdown run where he plowed into the youth football players in the end zone.

But the touchdown celebration, this is where the controversy goes.

It didn’t bother me that Slapshot flapped his wings like an eagle. I knew as a Commanders and Caps fan that he was paying homage to Evgeny Kuznetsov’s bird celly.

The crowd, who might not watch a lot of hockey, was not pleased. Maybe because they confused Slapshot for Philadelphia Eagles mascot Swoop.

Slapshot realized he made a mistake when he tweeted or posted (I don’t even know anymore) on X (or Twitter, make it stop): “Note to self: celly doesn’t translate at FedEx Field.”

On the field where it counted (not really except for the guys trying to make the 53 man roster), the Commanders prevailed 21-19. But it’s important to note off the field the camaraderie between the professional sports franchises.

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The Caps and Nats have always had a good relationship and it appears the local baseball and football team are starting to make amends too. That’s what happens when we get rid of evil.