3 Capitals who may likely be playing their final game soon

We'll get this in now but it can change at anytime in under a month

Matthew Phillips, Washington Capitals
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Anthony Mantha, Washington Capitals
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#2 Anthony Mantha

This trade could be a hit or miss but no better time than now with the way Anthony Mantha has heated up. He upped his trade value with his 16 goal season and if the Caps have to eat his salary or pay the bulk of it, a playoff contender could use Mantha's services at a bargain.

After all, this is the best version of Mantha that a team is going to get.

Oh he's slow? Well not according to NHL Edge which puts Mantha 78 percent over the average top skating speed in 22.75 miles per hour. There was a reason on the first day of training camp that he passed the whole skate test by being ahead of the competition.

He got some help off the ice and made adjustments to his training over the summer and now it's paid dividends. At the most Mantha has had 211 18-20 mph bursts and 88 20-22 mph bursts. That has him within the top below 50 percentile in the league.