A 50th anniversary Washington Capitals jersey concept we totally made up

Five words: Bring back the Screaming Eagle.

Slapshot, Washington Capitals
Slapshot, Washington Capitals / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Next season is a BIG one Washington Capitals fans.

No Alex Ovechkin might not break Wayne Gretzky's record. We are a hockey blog so let's let our local politicians fight over where they should even play in the post Ovi era. We are a hockey blog so of course I'm talking about the 50th anniversary of your Washington Capitals.

That's no joke. It's 2024 and the team was formed in 1974. It kind of already began but we can't officially call it that until next season. This is also a big season for myself. I became a sports nut right before the Ovi draft in 2004 so it's my 20th season watching these guys, blogger or fan or both. I want to rock something that'll make us all look good next season so here's my idea and hear me out...

It's time to bring back the Screaming Eagle.

I have seen the craze of the reverse retro which sadly the NHL did away with. Maybe a Screaming Eagle and some kind of 50th anniversary logo would be striaght fire. I'm just a writer so I'll just bore you by describing the jersey, unless you agree with me of course.

It's also the Caps last season in the Blue W jerseys so yeah they due. It's time to break up with the Weagle logo and the W but we can still wear it for fashion on a tee shirt or a hoodie. Make the home and away a Screaming Eagle. Don't care what the color is, just work your magic Caps and come up with something brilliant!

But my alternate idea is to bring back the Capital dome. I didn't have a job as a kid. Some, not all of my peers thought I was crazy whether I wanted to be a broadcaster or writer except my homies and they know who they are and they are reading this right now nodding their heads like "yeah". I know true Caps fans want the Screaming Eagle. Need a jersey with the dome to add to the personal collection. If not, cool I'll check with Mitchell and Ness who specialize in the throwbacks.

So Screaming Eagle home and away plus the Capital dome I believe is the way to go to celebrate 50 years. We can talk jersey retirements another time but hope Olaf Kolzig and Peter Bondra get their night's that they long deserved.