Andrew Mangiapane’s Playing Career Before Coming to Washington

Mangiapane is now entering his 8th NHL season after playing all previous seasons with the Calgary Flames
Andrew Mangiapane, Washington Capitals
Andrew Mangiapane, Washington Capitals / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

The Washington Capitals recently acquired Andrew Mangiapane from the Calgary Flames in exchange for a second-round 2025 draft pick. Mangiapane, now 28, has only ever played for the Calgary Flames.

Mangiapane’s Offensive Production with the Calgary Flames

Mangiapane was drafted 166th overall in 2015 by the Flames. The Canadian native has since played 417 total games with the Flames and is overall +52. 

Mangiapane made his NHL debut in the 2017-18 season, playing a measly 10 games. That’s nothing to jump up and down about. The next season, he improved. He played just over half the season, scoring 8 goals and 5 assists. 

By 2021-22, Mangiapane played his first full season, lacing up his skates in all 82 games. He scored 35 goals and 20 assists, a career-best for him. He’s played 3 postseasons for Calgary, and in 17 career playoff games, he’s tallied 12 points. Though never the biggest guy on the ice at 5’10, 184-pounds, it’s clear that he can provide offense.

“You have to keep proving people wrong,” Mangiapane said in 2018 to the Calgary Sun, “They’d say, ‘You’re too small. You’re too light.’ Growing up, that was all I heard.” 

Mangiapane’s drive to overcome his size showcases his hard-working mentality, and despite his size, he’s never afraid to get involved on the forecheck

Unfortunately, his scoring has declined marginally in the last two seasons (43 points & 40 points, respectively). However, per Mangiapane’s agent, both he and his agent were surprised by the trade. 

According to Flames GM Craig Conroy, the Mangiapane trade “provides us with an increase in valuable draft capital and we have continued to emphasize the importance of how upcoming drafts will influence the future of our franchise.” Sounds like fancy-talk for a Flames rebuild that Mangiapane sadly didn’t fit into even after playing 7 seasons for Calgary. 

The Flames will not retain any of Mangiapane’s $5.8M salary. 

Mangiapane’s New Spot With The Capitals

In all honesty, there is nothing exceptionally noteworthy about Mangiapane, which probably explains why he flew under the radar for most of his NHL career. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Mangiapane’s not going to be the main guy in the scouting report who’s constantly got two defenders draped all over him trying to prevent him from scoring. Hopefully, he can use his size to his advantage and slip past defenders to get good scoring chances. Mangiapane will continue to wear #88 with the Capitals.