Capitals launch sensational cherry blossom jerseys

These are straight fire

Slapshot, Washington Capitals
Slapshot, Washington Capitals / Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Capitals and the MSE Foundation announced on Friday morning a charity auction featuring the nicely designed cherry blossom jerseys. In addition, the Caps launched a special cherry blossomed themed jersey and merchendise available for purchase at team stores at MedStar Capitals Iceplex and Capital One Arena.

The jersey is deisgned by Taylor Kampa Olson of TKO Paintings and the jersey auctions will benefit the MSE Foundation. The fundraiser for the auction will open at on Sunday March 24 at 11 a.m. and run through 3 p.m. on Tuesday April 2.

No matter which team plays in DC fans will always go crazy over a cherry blossom themed jersey or apparel. It's human nature around here. Nats always do a good job with theirs and tragically it's their last year wearing that cool design. The Caps knocked theirs out of the park last year and this year it was no different. TKO did fantastic!

Per the press release from the Capitals, the jersey is based off last season's success and updated this year as a sky bloom deisgned background. More from the press release:

""It was inspired by Washington, D.C.'s, cherry blossom season and features hand-drawn blossoms incorporated into the Capitals logo. The white outlines symbolize the blossoms beginning to bloom. The design continues into the numbering, which features the cherry branches, buds and blossoms.""

Capitals Pubic Relations

Mens and womens jerseys, apparel, headwear and accessessories featuring the cherry blossom theme are already available at the team stores and online. Replica jerseys are available at each location. You can purchase online at

Note: The Team Store at MedStar accepts orders by phone for orders within the United States but fans will have to pay for shipping. These jerseys will surely fly off the shelves just like the reverse retro collection.