Capitals need to sell

Sorry guys, the truth hurts.
Joel Edmundson, Washington Capitals
Joel Edmundson, Washington Capitals / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Capitals probably don't have the pieces together to compete for a Stanley Cup this season. I'm using "probably" loosly in case the miracle seven game winning streak happens but either way it's not looking good especially after a 5-2 loss to the Montreal Canadiens. So who could the Caps go for at the deadline?

Well that's not really the right question to ask right now. There aren't really upgrades available worth gambling a first or second round pick or a top prospect on. It just isn't worth it. Look around the league. Those teams at the top of the standings are way more stacked than the Capitals are. That's the truth.

So with that being said who are some good names that the Capitals could move based on their cap hit and team needs for another chance at trying again next year. One name we've all been hearing is Nic Dowd and another big name is Anthony Mantha.

Dowd has seven goals and six assists for 13 points and is on the books for two more seasons with a cap hit of $1.3 million. Mantha is having the season of his life with 15 goals and eight assists for 23 points in 44 games after just 11 goals in 67 games last year.

With that, now Mantha's trade value goes up so for all the fans who wanted him out of town and cared more about the player on the ice than the human off the ice they might be getting their wish soon. But as the old adage goes everything comes at a price. Mantha has a $5.7 million cap hit which won't be easy to move but unlike last year, his numbers make him an attractive target around the league.

Another player that has the potential to get moved is Joel Edmundson as he was on several teams radars per The Fourth Period's Top 25 Trade Watch List. The Oilers, Avlanche, and Maple Leafs are among the three big suitors.

Either way if you're a glass half full top guy I wish I had your attitude. Because I just don't see it. Let's hope a lot of us are wrong.