Does Alex Ovechkin have one more 50 goal season in him?

Alex Ovechkin changed a city and the game of hockey, can he wow us one more time?
Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals
Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

While the Stanley Cup is getting awarded to another team and another city, yesterday we all had our day. Some of you rewatched Game 5 of the 2018 Stanley Cup Final. Others watched the championship DVD. But there was one common theme and demonator throughout that journey.

Not only did Alex Ovechkin wow us, he silenced critics at the same time. Many thought that he couldn't lead. Except those of us who watch him every night and have watched him every night for the last 19 years in this town. The C patch is earned not given.

Washington Capitals fans should be grateful. The tanking back in 2003 worked to an extent but you also needed the luck of the ping pong balls.

Yes he can

Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky. Each of those names is iconic and rings a bell. And it makes them unique in their own way. Kind of like Ovechkin's name. Just the way it sounds. Not many greats can say that.

The basics

We all know the story of Ovechkin riding camels in Dubai to turn this past season around. We also know he's 41 goals away from Wayne Gretzky. A record millions of hockey fans around the world once thought was impossible has now become possible


Per Natural Stat Trick, Ovechkin had a corsi for percentage of 47.98 percent in the regular season at five on five play. His high danger chances for percentage clocked out to 48.68 percent. His expected goals for percentage was near the median 46.98 percent. Remember this man turns 39 in September. The fact his corsi is even above that general median is a good thing.

Now let's head over to NHL Edge for further breakdown on just exactly how fast Ovechkin is. We'll base this off this past season and if he does indeed ride camels in Dubai lets cross our fingers that it works.

Ovechkin's top skating speed came out to 21.69 among skaters across the league with the league average being 22.10. His skating distance in miles was 225.50 compared to the NHL average of 124.07 which places him at 76th.

We've always said to not count Ovechkin out. Lots of fans around the DMV and across the world believe that the Great Eight can do it. It's time for the man in the arena to show the hockey world why he is Alex Ovechkin.