Evgeny Kuznetsov cleared to return to activities by NHLPA

Kuzy is back
Evgeny Kuznetsov, Washington Capitals
Evgeny Kuznetsov, Washington Capitals / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

The following news comes from both the NHL and the NHL Players Association or NHLPA for short regarding Washington Capitals center Evgeny Kuznetsov:

""The National Hockey League and National Hockey League Players’ Association announced today that Washington Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov has been cleared to resume practicing with the team and has entered the follow-up care phase of the NHL/NHLPA player assistance program. Kuznetsov has not yet been cleared to return to game action.

Kuznetsov’s care continues to be administered pursuant to the player assistance program.""


This is big news for a team that has caught lightning in a bottle lately. A healthy Kuznetsov both physicially and mentally is very important. The NHL doesn't disclose why he entered the player assistance program but if Kuznetsov opens up to the DC media it's his decision on what he says.

This is also important to note that players are people too. All of us have made mistakes in our life. We all want to erase our sins but the only way to truly absolve them is by moving forward. Sometimes a bad break and time away is what you need.

Look at Alex Ovechkin for example. He decided to skip the All Star Game and now he's back to being the Ovi we know and love. Now Kuznetsov can rejoin his teammates and practice with them. And when Kuzy is good he's one of the elite playmakers in the NHL.

And if the Caps were to slide into the big dance party that is the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Caps now more than ever need Kuzy to step up. He was 25 when he led the team with 20 assists and 32 points in that Cup run which included something we already know about.

The Caps practice at 11 a.m. today from MCI ahead of their home match with the Arizona Coyotes at 1 p.m. tomorrow at COA.