Longest losing streaks in Capitals history

Time to relive some bad history
Bruce Boudreau, Washington Capitals
Bruce Boudreau, Washington Capitals / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Here at Stars and Sticks we like to look at our Washington Capitals from all angles. From longest winning streaks, most points, or even longest losing streaks. This article will focus on that on this Throwback Thursday. Have fun.

washington capitals
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Longest point drought

The Capitals in 1974-75, held the NHL record for the longest streak without a point. The 1992-93 San Jose Sharks were able to tie the feat. That of course came from the Capitals inagural season that saw them win just eight games.

The stretch began and ended against the Los Angeles Kings from Feb. 18 to March 26 of 1975. The losing streak ended the next day on the road at the California Golden Seals in the infamous trash can game where players hoisted a garbage can like it was the Stanley Cup as a joke. It used to be folklore why the team was cursed, until 2018 that is.

Another long losing streak

Another dry spell for the Capitals went eight games long from 1977-78 that went from Oct. 28, 1977 and ended on Dec. 7. It was eight losses in 20 games. Yeah that's pretty bad. The rest were counted as ties as rules were different back then.

If you're looking at more recent history the Caps have once gone on a seven game slide in front of HBO cameras. The crew was there follwoing the Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins around ahead of the Jan. 1 Winter Classic matchup. We got to see Bruce Boudreau use some NSFW words during the slide and we even got to see behind the scenes of the Caps ending the slide.

The Caps also dropped seven in a row the season after they won the Stanley Cup. It came from Jan. 12, 2019 to the 23rd. So yeah it was all downhill after that.