Predicting Capitals Future Winter Classic Locations for 2026 & Beyond

Let's have more fun.
Eric Fehr, Matt Niskanen, Washington Capitals
Eric Fehr, Matt Niskanen, Washington Capitals / Rob Carr/GettyImages
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Next year the Winter Classic returns to Wrigley Field where the Chicago Blackhawks will host the St. Louis Blues. So we now know that the New Years Day spectacle CAN return to old citiies. Let's bring it back to Washington so here's 3 Washington Capitals ideas and concepts.

Washington Capitals
Washington Capitals / J. David Ake/GettyImages

#3 National Mall

IF the NHL were to secure a landmark permit have a mini stadium built and have first responders and military occupy the VIP spots along the Lincoln Memorial for the concerts. Remember these marquee events are NHL events not team events. Of course this is an out of this world idea so we're starting out strong with this one.

Imagine one last Ovi vs. Sid Winter Classic in Ovi's backyard which is literally those monuments on the National Mall. The White House is right there. Ovi lifted the Stanley Cup on this mall. It brought the community together as it was the first major parade since the Joe Gibbs 1.0 erea.

This would be a spectacle and it'll help grow the game as youth hockey has skyrocketed across the DMV due to the Ovi effect. More participation means future NHLers. You gotta thank this area for that if you're from here and beyond.