Predicting Capitals Future Winter Classic Locations for 2026 & Beyond

Let's have more fun.

Eric Fehr, Matt Niskanen, Washington Capitals
Eric Fehr, Matt Niskanen, Washington Capitals / Rob Carr/GettyImages
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Washington Capitals
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#1 Nationals Park

The most logical if we're going to have this soon is at Nationals Park. Not FedEx Field nor M&T Bank Stadium. It was a success in 2015. My dad and I were there. The atmosphere was top notch. Now there's more restaurants and things to eat and do around Navy Yard.

While Audi Field is perfect for D.C. United and Defenders games supply and demand would be a nightmare for an NHL ticket office. Nationals Park makes the most logicial sense for one more outdoor game in the Ovi Era.

This was a thrilliing game that saw Eric Fehr score. Alex Ovechkin would join the party with his first ever outdoor game goal. This was the biggest crowd ever for a DC hockey game unless the NHL works their magic with the National Mall. The jerseys were arguably the best for an outdoor game in my opinion.

Troy Brouwer would score the game winning goal with about 12 seconds left. It came after Ovechkin broke his stick but Ovi didn't care when Brouwer had the goal as it set them and the 42K plus fans into a frenzy.

Those are my 3 concepts for future Capitals Winter Classics.