Ted Leonsis elaborates on new arena in Potomac Yard

Ted Leonsis sent an email to Washington Capitals and Wizards fans expressing his excitement of the new Monumental project.
Ted Leonsis, Nicklas Backstrom, Washington Capitals
Ted Leonsis, Nicklas Backstrom, Washington Capitals / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Fans and Supporters, Washington Capitals and Wizards owner as well as CEO and chairman of Monumental Sports and Entertainment, Ted Leonsis begun his letter.

You can read the rest here. Obviously we all know by now that the Capitals and Wizards are possbily moving but not very far. The reactions have been mixed. I won't comment on the matter but I did write some pros on the move to Alexandria, Virginia as well as the cons.

"Since the annoucement," Leonsis wrote. "I have heard fans across the DMV regarding the potential creation of a new Entertainment District if all appeals are received."

"I appreciate all the support and excitement from fans and customers about this project and I certainly acknowledge concerns from passionate members of the community."

The news has been mixed. A lot of excitement from fans in Virginia especially in the surrounding counties of Alexandria. But the fans in the District who are saying goodbye to their hockey team as next door neighbors and the fans in Maryland who have to travel a little bit further have questions and concerns about the whole thing.

"I look forward to hearing from those who are concerned, working to address any issues raised and demonstrating why I believe this is the best decision for our fans, our thousands of full and part time employees, the teams, the athletes, our partners, and the DMV."

Leonsis also talked about how Virginia can benefit economically. From no citizen taxpayer dollars to fund the building and new surrounding complex, to not permanenlty leaving Capital One Arena nor the Chinatown neighborhood.

To make life a little bit easier for everyone, now the Mystics could potentially play their home games by Gallery Place/Chinatown instead of by the Congress Heights metro stop. That's mostly though in larger part due to the popularity of the Mystics, who won the WNBA Finals in 2019, as well as the expanded popularity of women's sports overall.

Either way, we're sure there are some Monumental things to come.