Ted Leonsis: "It would be a big loss if we left"

Ted Leonsis spoke to Front Office Sports Today podcast about the new arena's botched plans and the commitment to keeping the Caps in DC.
Ted Leonsis, Washington Capitals
Ted Leonsis, Washington Capitals / Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Capitals team owner Ted Leonsis was featured this week on the Front Office Sports Today podcast and touched on a variety of topics. You can listen to the full podcast episode here or on your favorite podcast listening channels such as Spotify and Apple.

The following quotes were edited for length and clarity:

On the Virginia blueprint and informing the DC Mayor Muriel Bowser before the press conferernce with the Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin:

"Words are important and we talked about Virginia initially. We (Leonsis and Youngkin) had reached a framework of a development and I hadn't signed anything... There was still a lot of work to do (politics, votes, oh my). When I informed the Mayor (Bowser) of what was happening she wasn't happy. I understand. I have a deep and long term relationship with the Mayor... Let's take the high road. I haven't signed anything and who knows what's going to happen?"

During the talks with the Mayor, Bowser sent Leonsis her own blueprint of a revitalized downtown Chinatown, an area Ted would be leaving behind if the Wizards and Caps were to pack their bags and move across the river. Although the initial plan was to keep Capital One Arena open for concerts and Mystics WNBA games had the new arena go the votes, losing the Caps and Wizards would've been an economic disaster for downtown Washington.

""It would be a big loss if we left.""

Ted Leonsis

Leonsis praised Bowser saying "she's the hero in all of this" also noting that the two kept in close talks as Virginia politicians were doing Commonwealth politiical things. He couldn't be more right. Going to Caps games as well as Wizards games is easy. You can get there via car or Metro if you want to avoid the DC traffic.

Virginia traffic with a new arena near the Reagan National Airport would've been a nightmare for fans, residents, and tourists alike. Be sure to listen to the full interview as Leonsis shares more about how he wants to upgrade the fan experience at Capital One Arena for present and future generations of fans.