Top 3 burning questions as the Capitals enter the trade deadline

You've got questions ahead of Friday and we'll try to answer them
Alex Ovechkin, Kevin Shattenkirk, Washington Capitals
Alex Ovechkin, Kevin Shattenkirk, Washington Capitals / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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The Washington Capitals are in purgatory aka they probably shouldn't get a rental at this point. But whether they keep their house money or find a younger player to help the future remains to be seen. Let's get this part out of the way.

After Saturday's crucial loss to the Arizona Coyotes, the Capitals sit at 28-23-9 which is good for 65 points and fifth in the Metropolitan Division with 22 games left to play. It's a murky spot as they're six points behind the Flyers for third despite crushing them Friday night. They are also seven back of the Bolts and Red Wings in the wild card.

Anyway let's cut to the chase.

#3 Should the Caps be buyers?

Absoultley, positively NOT. I pretty much answered that question the opening paragrahs by talking about the purgatory that they're in. But there are no games until trade deadline eve and of course it comes against the Penguins who are only three points back. You can thank the Oilers and the other Connor Mc aka Connor McDavid for that one. The gap would've been way closer had the other outcome happened.

But as we've seen in the past, going for the home run for the hot market player does not work. See Kevin Shattenkirk for an example.