Top 3 concerns in recent Capitals slump

Is it time to panic yet Washington Capitals fans?

Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals
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Hendrix Lapierre, Washington Capitals
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#1 What exactly DOES the future hold?

Just a few short years ago the Caps were ranked at the bottom of the NHL by draft experts in terms of prospect rankings. While they moved a couple spots better it may be a while before the Caps get competitive again when it's time for the dreadful post Ovi era.

It's not good. The Caps do have a little bit of draft stock but not much. Although the Caps are just four back of the Red Wings, the Caps need to leapfrog the Devils to even flirt with that second wild card spot. New Jersey is on the road at Tampa Bay tonight.

And not just the Devils who have 51 points right now as I'm writing this like the Caps do. The Islanders have 51 points too. The Penguins, Sabres, and Canadiens are lurking right behind them. Pens with 49, Buffalo with 48 and Habs with 47. The Caps see the Canadiens after the All Star festivities.

Right now it's purgatory and the numbr one question fans have is do the Caps buy or sell at the deadline. It's no until early March but if the Caps continue to falter in early February it may prompt general manager Brian MacLellan to start working the phones.