Top 3 keys to victory for the Capitals against Lightning

It's must win and scoreboard watching for the Caps
Hendrix Lapierre, Washington Capitals
Hendrix Lapierre, Washington Capitals / Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
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The Washington Capitals host the Tampa Bay Lightning. There's three games left. They have to win each game for any shot at the playoffs and hope the Pittsburgh Penguins drop at least one. That's a tall order.

Anyway here are 3 keys to a Caps victory tonight:

#3 Young bucks step up

The Caps need their young guys to step up. Alex Ovechkin can't do it all by himself. Folks complain about how old the Caps are but they could be a lot older. The team currenlty houses 10 players age 26 or younger.

Of those 10 players, nine being Washington draft picks, have combined to play in 475 games this season which is a 47.5 average and 1,021 career NHL games which is a 102.1 average per the Caps.

The only teams in the league that have 10 plus players age 26 or younger and have more standings points than the Caps are the Boston Bruins, Carolina Hurricanes, Toronto Maple Leafs, and St. Louis Blues.

Overall the only player that wasn't drafted was Rasmus Sandin. That was a big trade aand a big re signing. The player who impressed me the most this season is Hendirx Lapierre, who has become a bolt of energy for the boys in red.