Top 3 reasons Capitals won at the NHL Trade Deadline

3 reasons the Capitals had success at the trade deadline
Tom Wilson, Washington Capitals
Tom Wilson, Washington Capitals / Derek Cain/GettyImages
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The Washington Capitals had a successful trade deadline and we aren't just saying that because they are in a playoff spot right now, though that certainly helps. Here are 3 reasons Brian MacLellan did good.

#3 Didn't lose much

Yes the Capitals had to part ways with Anthony Mantha, Evgeny Kuznetsov and Joel Edmundson but other than Mantha's 20 goals, the Caps didn't really lose much. Mantha had an expiring contract so the Caps wouldn't have been able to afford to have kept him anyway.

The Caps hit a mini stride in November but in February onward they got really hot. How hot?

Since Evgeny Kuznetsov entered player assistance en route to North Carolina the Capitals went 11-6-2 which is pretty solid. They won 3 in a row and have gone 5-2-0 since March 7, their win in Pittsburgh over the Penguins.

All of a sudden you were looking at a team that was down in mid January or February back in the race. The Caps went from chaser to now being chased by the teams that they were chasing. The Red Wings have been in a slide. The Caps took advantage and got hot at the right time. Winning formula.