Top 3 reasons Capitals won at the NHL Trade Deadline

3 reasons the Capitals had success at the trade deadline
Tom Wilson, Washington Capitals
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Ryan Leonard, Washington Capitals
Ryan Leonard, Washington Capitals / Richard T Gagnon/GettyImages

#2 Draft stock

While the Caps did a slight sell at the trade deadline they didn't do a full on fire sale. Last year was a lot worse but the decision was unfourtunately easy as the Caps got cold down the stretch. Well unless that person was Dylan Strome. But like last year which led to Ryan Leonard, the Caps have loaded up on draft picks as a result of their trades.

This summer they'll have a first, a second from Vegas in the Mantha trade, a third from the Bruins and Islanders, a fourth, a fifth and a sixth.

In 2025 they'll hold a first, second, a second from Boston and a second from Colorado, a third as well as a third from the Hurricanes in the Kuznetsov trade, a fourth, a fifth and a fifth from Chicago, and a sixth.

2026 so far featurs a pick by the Caps in each of the seven rounds as well as a fourth from the Golden Knights. Thanks George McPhee! it all adds up to 26 selections if our math is right over the next three drafts.

The Caps also re upped the contract of young defenseman Rasmus Sandin for five seasons kicking in next season.