Did the Washington Capitals get enough in return at the 2024 NHL trade deadline?

The Washington Capitals were major sellers at the 2024 trade deadline, despite a five-game winning streak and sitting just five points outside the wild card.
Mar 7, 2024; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Vegas Golden Knights right wing Anthony Mantha (39) warms up
Mar 7, 2024; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Vegas Golden Knights right wing Anthony Mantha (39) warms up / Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
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What about the return for Evgeny Kuznetsov?

The Evgeny Kuznetsov deal was another one of those where the team making the trade was just looking to get something for him despite retaining 50 percent of the contract. This trade to the Carolina Hurricanes came less than 24 hours following the Jake Guentzel trade, so it’s clear that Carolina will also have big plans for a player who has logged 50-plus assists on four different occasions in his career.

Despite only getting a third-rounder in 2025, this one feels like a win, considering someone else theoretically could have claimed him off of waivers, but it would have been one expensive cap hit to take on. It’s also important to remember that Kuznetsov is not yet cleared to begin playing again, so that also may have acted as a deterrent. 

Did the Capitals get enough in return for their trio of trades?

Overall, Washington acquired quite a few picks, and since the organization needed to get younger sooner than later, that was a major step in the right direction when it came to selling off assets that are either 30 and older or will shortly turn 30. 

While it looks like Washington only got compensation that will help them at the NHL level a few years from now, signing Sandin during the flurry of trades is what made this strategy click. Add to the fact the Caps accomplished exactly what they wanted to without trading away anyone of star caliber, and you can say, “Yes, Washington got some fair returns here.”


(Statistics provided by Hockey-Reference, trade information provided by Cap-Friendly)