Brian MacLellan’s Five Best Drafts Picks As Capitals General Manager

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Jakub Vrana, Washington Capitals (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The 5 best Washington Capitals draft picks of the Brian MacLellan era.

The draft season has come and gone. Unfortunately for us, this year, there was no draft. At least not at its regular time. The NHL draft usually coming at the end of June, this year the date was supposed to be June 26th and 27th. However, things in the world have prevented that from actually happening.

It’s unclear on when the 2020 draft will take place, but it will be sometime after the playoffs. Which still does not have a starting date.

With no draft from this year to look back on, like most might be doing around this time, why not go back and look at the past few drafts and see how well the Washington Capitals and General Manager Brian MacLellan have done?

MacLellan has been in charge of the team and drafts since May of 2014. While I and everyone else should understand, it’s not just him that drafts or finds players to draft. But as a GM, your name gets put on the drafts selections. So how well has MacLellan done as Capitals General Manager?

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