Washington Capitals: Four Players To Watch For During The Restart

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Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Can you feel it? Can you feel the excitement?

The Energy, the intensity, can you feel hockey in the air once again? It’s been four and a half months but NHL and Washington Capitals hockey is right around the corner. Days away for some and just hours away for others.

The first games will be played on the 28th of July, the Capitals will see their first action against the Carolina Hurricanes on the 29th. Washington will play in four games before they find out who they play in their first playoff series of this format.

The Caps will play Carolina, Tampa Bay on the 3rd of August, Philadelphia on the 6th and finish up with Boston on the 9th. By playing those games they’ll know their seeding in the tournament and know who they’ll play in the playoffs.

Before we get to the playoffs, those first games need to be played. It’s a mystery right now on what those games will look like. How fresh and good will the players look? How will they play with no fans in the stands? There is a lot of questions honestly.

We’re going to answer one question here today though. Who should we look out for in these first four games of the restart? We’re going to pick one player to watch for vs each teams the Caps will play. With the rules being established, we’re starting with the Carolina Hurricanes.

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