Washington Capitals: Remembering their biggest pop culture moment

That one time Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin appeared in a rap video.

The Washington Capitals are the most popular team in the D.C. area and perhaps the NHL. But has there been any time the team has been featured in pop culture? We’ve seen celebrities rock the red but we have our own celebrity in Alex Ovechkin. The biggest pop culture moment had to be when Ovechkin was in a rap video.

Alex Ovechkin is always a hot topic in Russia and the scoring machine is a big fan of hip hop. He appeared in a music video from rapper Sasha Belyi in his sports themed song called “Champion”. It became viral on YouTube.

After some questionable dance moves and hand gestures behind the rapping of Belyi, Ovechkin takes over at 2:55 in the video. Translated into English, Ovechkin’s rap goes, “Alumni of Dynamo, Eight on the back, In the all star game all attention is on me.”

Ovechkin then lists some accomplishments such as scoring goals and winning the world championship before saying, “Stick in my hands, Rap in the headphones, Saying hello from Washington,” and ending with “For every champion”.

Ovechkin is dressed in all black at the beginning of the video before switching to all white with a Caps hat on sideways. Ovechkin is a showman on the ice and that moment in 2012 showed how much of a showman he was off the ice.

As if it couldn’t get any better than when he had a wig and glasses at the NHL All Star skills challenge, Ovechkin appears in a rap video showing that the Russian is a man of many talents.

But perhaps this song was a precursor to what Ovechkin would do six years later and that is hoist a Stanley Cup and become a champion. The message to this song is good things happen to you after becoming a champion. Ovechkin can attest to that. Nothing but good things have happened to him since winning the Stanley Cup.

Ovechkin’s performance gets a nine out of 10 in my book. And he surprisingly had good flow to him. His dance moves were good but could also use additional practice. His wardrobe selection was fire. And overall he killed it. Maybe Ovechkin can look into dropping mixtapes when he calls it a hockey career.

That is the biggest moment the Washington Capitals have been featured in pop culture.