Should The Capitals Trade Down For A Defenseman In The 2024 NHL Draft?

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Henry Mews
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Henry Mews / Chris Tanouye/GettyImages

Henry Mews

I will say this once, and I'll say it here. There are defensemen that are ranked higher than all of the guys we'll mention here today. But when we're talking about replacing the offense that John Carlson brings the players ranked higher probably will not be able to do that. All of the guys the are ranked above the guys we're talking about here today are more defensive defensemen. Or at the least guys who don't have the offensive upside we might want.

Bob McKenzie has Henry Mews ranked 48th. That's pretty far down there. Far enough down to maybe not trade down, but trade up in the second round.

This season Mews scored 15 goals and 61 points in 65 games playing for the Ottawa 67's of the OHL. According to The Hockey Writers scouting report his biggest strengths are high offensive ceiling, a very high compete level and terrific skating. The weakness is his defensive game might be inconsistent. A little like John Carlson no?

It sounds like Mews offensive game could make him a top half of the first round selection but the defensive game will likely bring him down to the 20+ range and maybe, even probably drop into the second round.

Knowing the Capitals will proably need a scoring defenseman in the future would you take that trade off? Iffy defense for very good offense? I think the Capitals should. If the Capitals can trade back, maybe into the late 20's I would take a look at Mews there.