The Capitals Players Who Must Play Better In The Second Half Of The Season

Time for the Washington Capitals to step it up...

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Tom Wilson, Washington Capitals
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Tom Wilson

I have been saying something a lot this season. What I've been saying is Tom Wilson is the Capitals best player. On a team that has players with much more accolades and skill, Wilson is the team's best player.

Wilson is a guy who can score. He has scored at a thirty goal pace before. I think he is capable of scoring thirty goals over a full and healthy season. And we all know what he can do in a game physically. He is one of those guys who an change a game with his presence alone. When he decides to throw his weight around, watch out!

For a while now I've had trouble finding Wilson in games. It is the 7th of February when I'm writing this. Going back to December 16th, nearly two months ago, Wilson has just two goals. It's not like he is focusing more on being a playmaker either because he also only has two assists. Four total points in his last 21 games played.

We'll do the same we did for McMichael. Dowd has more points than Wilson since then. Nicolas Aube-Kubel has more points. Rasmus Sandin has more points. Martin Fehervary has more points. Beck Malenstyn has more points than Wilson since then. No disrespect to any of those guys. All NHL players, all with more talent than I could ever dream of having. But none of them should be scoring more points than Tom Wilson over a twenty plus game stretch.

Is he injured or is he dealing with something? Well, he has had a broken nose recently. Thanks to that he has been playing with a cage or a different visor. I can't imagine how hard that is to adjust to. That could easily have an effect on his scoring.

I don't know if Wilson is dealing with other injuries or dings. Is the nose affecting his physical play? Does he not want to hit or get hit?

All I can say about Wilson is for a while now when I watch Capitals games is that I hardly notice 43 out there. I have to go looking for number 43 to actually see him. The same way I have to go looking for number 92 when he plays. Not to harp on him during his rough time. That's not something I'm used to when talking about Wilson.

Wilson is usually a pretty easy player to find. Why has he gone invisible for large chunks of time this season?

Like Ovechkin, the Capitals are going to need their best players to be their best players. Tom Wilson is one of their best players. When he is at the top of his game I think he is the Capitals best player these days. The Capitals need a lot more than just 2 goals and 4 points in 21 games from Wilson.