The Pros And Cons Of The Boom Or Bust Pierre-Luc Dubois Trade

Mixed feelings about this one
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Connor McMichael, Washington Capitals Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Connor McMichael, Washington Capitals Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Con - Does This Block The Young Guys?

I have been saying for months now that the Capitals should not be buyers because they have young, talented, promising guys who deserve a shot. I understand not wanting to give a young guy a job. But at some point you need to give young guys the job. The only way to know if they will work out or not is if they get the chance. Does this move block the young guys once again?

On paper, if this move works out like we all hope the top two centers are Dylan Strome and Dubois. You would think that makes Connor McMichael 3C and then Nic Dowd being the fourth line anchor. Where does Hendrix Lapierre go? Well, I guess the wing obviously. Or potentially flip McMichael and him and see who is the better center going forward?

If this move for Dubois works does this make one of the two young centers expendable? Are they trade chips? If we have Strome, PLD and whoever cements himself as the third line center does the other become a trade candidate for whatever bigger names becomes available at the trade deadline next season?

If one of those guys goes to the wing does that block other guys because Dubois is blocking them from playing center? Where does Miroshnichenko go? What about other guys like maybe Ethan Frank or maybe a Pierrick Dube, and in the future an Andrew Cristall and Ryan Leonard?

The Capitals already have Ovechkin, Wilson, Milano, Protas, and maybe Oshie, then one of the young centers playing wing then hopefully Miroshnichenko. You're already out of space for young guys who deserve a shot. Then god forbid this move for Dubois doesn't wok and you have a $8.5 million dollar guy blocking room for nothing.

It's great having young guys. Ovechkin won't be around forever, Oshie might be gone very soon, these guys will hopefully take thir spot in the future. But you should give them a shot before they leave to know if they can fill that hole.

The young guys need a chance. Hopefully getting someone doesn't block them.

Hendrix Lapierre, Washington Capitals
Hendrix Lapierre, Washington Capitals / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Con - Did The Capitals Just Get Another Kuznetsov

The Capitals had a high priced, underperforming center for years. For some reason, they did nothing about it. Evgeny Kuznetsov did not want to be in Washington anymore, it seemed the Capitals were ready to move on, and nothing changed. Until you could argue it was too late and the Caps were forced to trade him for basically nothing.

Lets hope they didn't trade for another version of that. Dubois does not have a great track record coming to D.C. He forced his way out of Columbus in a very ugly way. He got himself out of Winnipeg. Got himself somewhere that he apparently saw himself playing for years and years and then instantly got himself on the bad side of that team.

What if things don't go well in Washington? We talked about "if's" here a few days ago. What if Ovechkin takes a step back? What happens if the young guys don't step up? What if the Lindgren isn't as great as he was last season? What if the Capitals just are simply not that good? Combining that with other teams maybe taking a step up, like the New Jersey Devils.

What is Dubois' attitude towards this move and this team going forward? All of those things could easily happen. Ovechkin is old, the young guys have proven nothing and Charlie Lindgren hasn't proven he is a long term option. That's not to say the opposite won't happen as well. Ovi could score 50, the young guys could all turn into key players and Lindgren could be a Vezina candidate. Those are just as likley to happen as not.

If the good happens I'm guessing Dubois will be fine here. If the bad happens do the Caps have a disgruntled $8.5 million player who again underperforms and they have trouble trading him until they have to trade him for nothing. That brings back bad memories.

I would hate the for the Capitals and the fans to finally, finally move on from a player who caused them trouble for so many years just to trade for another version of that.

Hopefully Pierre realizes that he is getting a pretty ugly reputation around the league and among fans. He clearly has the talent to be a very good NHL player. Now it's simply up to him to be a consistent player for years. Maybe it finally clicks for him in Washington, but until he proves it I'm skeptical about him being a long term success for the Caps.