The Three Most Important Capitals Players This Season

These 3 Caps could very well decide the first round series
Charlie Lindgren, Washington Capitals
Charlie Lindgren, Washington Capitals / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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Dylan Strome, Washington Capitals
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Dylan Strome

In terms of skaters, I don't think it would be far fetched to say that Dylan Strome was the best Washington Capital all season. Lindgren was obviously the team MVP. Ovechkin got hot at the most important time, but Strome was probably one of the few, if not the only guy who stayed consistent most of the season.

First off, he led the Capitals in points. Which is a sight to behold on the Capitals with Ovechkin usually taking that spot. This season Strome had 67 points, 27 goals and 40 assists.

It seemed this season when the Capitals needed a big goal it was Strome who who the one scoring it. He scored 5 game winning goals. Which actually surprised me it was that low, it seemed he had a ton more than that. He also had 2 goals while 3v3, or even strength in overtime. No one else had a 3v3 goals for the Capitals, according to Natural Stat Trick.

To me, there isn't much to say about Strome. It's not flashy Ovechkin. It's not stealing games Lindgren. It's just solid. It's dependable. You don't really have to worry about Strome often. Which is refreshing when talking about a Capitals top center. We're used to having to wonder if their top center will show up or if their top center is injured or maybe forced into retirement.

While other skaters were slumping, while other guys were hurt or in and out of the lineup, while the younger guys tried to find consistency. Strome was there. For a lot of this season it felt like he was leading this team. For that reason he has to be one of the most important players of this season for the Capitals.