This Season Has Had Plenty Of Interesting Things For The Capitals Already

We aren't even halfway through the 2023-24 Washington Capitals season. We don't know how it'll end but it certainly hasn't been boring.
New Jersey Devils v Washington Capitals
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Nicklas Backstrom
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Nicklas Backstrom

With the good comes the bad. Even in the best of seasons there are going to be some things that you look at and go "ugh", and this has to be at the top of most Capitals fans list.

It's never fun to watch a beloved player decline. It's hard to watch a player you loved "hang on" longer than they should have. It sucks to watch a talented player not live up to their potential. All of that is no fun. Watching a guys, or girls, career potentially come to an end thanks to injury might be at the top of the not fun things to watch or experience list.

Much like Mantha, we all know the history here so it doesn't make sense for me to waste your time here talking about it. To sum it up easily, Backstrom had a bad injury. He had surgery to try to help that injury. That surgery does not seem to help guys in their later thirties play hockey very good, or for very long. It looks like Backstrom's name might be added to that list.

Give him credit, he gave it a go. That go only lasted 8 games and during those games he was only able to register one assist. On top of that he didn't particularly look very good on the ice at the same time.

After those 8 games he decided to step away from the team and we haven't seen him since. It is not clear if we will ever see him on the ice again for the Capitals. Most assume we won't.

There have been a couple of bad things for the Capitals this season. I don't know how you could say anything is worse than this one.